At first, they seemed so quiet. But Kitty and brother Felix were obviously waiting till I began. Then they demonstrated what a jolly and animated pair they were. These photographs were for their dad’s special birthday and I am sure portraits of his children’s vivacious personalities were his best gift.



I am smitten with this way of taking photos. Cameras that weigh hardly anything and which allow a bit of artistic imput is a perfect tool for a photographer who has sore shoulders, it is luxurious getting a break from carrying a heavy bag. Big it up for Instagram,  No 1 app for me.


David my nephew came from London to spent a few days with his Scottish cousins. We had a few daytrips planned but we were stymied by the pesky weather. We had a good day at the Transport Museum where David had an ‘arresting’ time with the girls. We all enjoyed a walk at Holmwood House, we did some pictures of the clan according their size which included Elsie, who we have decided is David’s canine cousin. David was a bit miffed because he has been demoted from one of the tallest in our family. At Pollok House, bubbles were the main attraction and we showed David the high life with a plate of potato wedges. Although, we did not manage to get far, David fully enjoyed himself. He works as a porter in a London hospital and as you can imagine the pace is hectic so the sedate visit notwithstanding noisy kids and lively dog were the ideal antidote. 


Emma & Eleanor are best friends and plan to move to Germany to try out a new kind of life. This photo shoot was to celebrate their friendship and to strike a few poses.



I brought bubbles and Louis brought his dog, blue slush puppy and chocolate cake to our picture party.

 21 THAT DAY! 

I photographed Amy’s 21st birthday party and her Dad Mike made the most amazing speech. I  want to quote some of the speech because I think it sums up the immensely loving mood of the evening.

“As parents we all take pride and joy in the growth and development of our children. However, usually we like to do this quietly, giving out loving praise and feedback, but making sure it is measured and not “over-the-top”, because we don’t want to be too “showy” about our children, and we want to keep our children’s “feet on the ground”. So we take quiet pride in their achievements, not wanting to seem too boastful.

On some occasions however, it is important to let all this go. So tonight I just want to say….

Amy….YOU ARE AMAZING! We have been amazed by you and love you more than you will ever know!!! “