I’m Denise, I live in Glasgow and I have been a photographer for a good while. I had a long intermission while I had a few children. BC, “before children” I worked mainly with newspapers and in public relations photography. While the children were young I kept my hand in with small commissions. When I came out of the miasma of mamahood I rediscovered and found a new energy for photography. I fell in love with photography all over again and it was prompted by finally embracing digital photography. I had spent so many years struggling to get darkroom time with sprogs in tow that when I went digital, I thought “Woozers! I can do this in the daylight.” I could finally come out of the cupboard under the stairs.

The creative control I now have is immense. While shooting I am not interrupted by cumbersome things like changing film endlessly and working two cameras, one colour and one black and white – my vision can now flow. It is wonderful to be able to view what you are doing as you go along, no longer do I have to fretfully wait for films to be developed and printed. At the processing stage the possibilities to lift a good image and make it even better are within my power. Simply put, I enjoy taking pictures now more than ever.

Apart from photography, what I love the most are Pips, Eth, Ali, Lil, Ruby, Elsie, imagination, my pals, cupcakes, light, coffee, blender, eating, my pals, books, books, books, sudoko, what is round the corner, resourcefulness, playing cards, gin & tonic, my pals, black russian, baking, rugby, red lipstick (but it not suit me), brown, big slabs of wedding cake……..