I would like to be in a job where I go away for sabbaticals– to study & travel and return to my work with renewed vigor.

So, I decided to approach my trip down south to attend Brooke Johnson’s  Family workshop at photographyfarm15 (a week of all kinds of awesome tutition) with that philosophy in my head.

I stayed in east London with my mum for a couple of days. I headed to Stratford, which is close by. I am amazed how the regeneration of this area is on-going even after the Olympics. It is my old stomping ground from teenage days and I recall a lonely underpass, a dank & dull underground and hardly any people. It ain’t like that any more.

At mum’s I encountered my hairy nephew. He is sporting extreme facial hair since last I saw him. Mum says it is “very distinguished” when groomed.

I continued on my sabbatical to Ridge Farm in Surrey where Photography Farm often resides. I hooked up with more hairy people, Euan, Owen & Dan and some not so hairy, Amber & Carrina, for dinner on the Thursday night. It was lovely getting to know them and hearing their tales of adventures at the farm and talking about photography, without anyone glazing over.

On Friday morning it was away to the delightful Brooke’s workshop for a big dose of mojo. She has a relaxed & lyrical approach and produces the most eloquent family portraiture and she shares all this generously. We photographed Keeva & Sorcha, Lisa (mother of Photography Farm) Devlin’s daughters who were perfect for the job, exuberant & merry. Then it was the turn of a charming young couple Gabrielle & Matt with their baby Amelie, who were serene and loving in front of camera.

I can confirm, sabbaticals are the way to go. I returned home with much vigor for the year ahead. Even enough, not to be fazed by the mountain of toys Ruby had spread around the house during my sabbatical – Ruby thinks they are the way go too.

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