“Everything as it is right now will forever be immortalized because we created a photograph of it”

                                                        Tamara Lackey

I  encourage you to photograph your family now.

I would, wouldn’t I because I am a working photographer but also I am a mother and one who is lucky enough to have an abundance of images of her children.

There are just a few images of my sister and I as children but hardly any of our mother and I know it is an indication of the times but it would have been such a joy to look at pictures of my mother as a child or a teenager.

 Record your family as they are now because time moves on apace and it all changes all the time especially with young families.

From babies, toddlers, infants, children, teenagers to adults.

So many points in time – so many images.

It passes all too quickly, so stop, smell the daisies and let me takes some wonderful pictures for you.

Alistair & Ethan posing for Christmas card. 1996

Ethan & Alistair in 2017

See what happens in twenty short years!